BREMBO Bremsflüssigkeit LCF 600 plus

Low compressibility factor at high temperature with more than 10% reduction in brake fluid compressibility at 180°.

High dry boiling pointTypical Competitor Racing Fluids 310°CBrembo Racing LCF 600 plus 316°C

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LCF 600 plus

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Exclusively for racing use.

Brembo Racing LCF 600 plus has been specifically formulated to provide the highest performance underall racing conditions:

- an indipendently proven low compressibility at hightemperatures

- a typical dry boiling point of 316°C (601°F)

- a typical wet boiling point of 204°C (399°F)

It even exceeds the requirements of U.S. FMVSS 116DOT4 specification.



Compatible with all Brembo Racing Brake Systems. Itcan be mixed with other DOT3 and DOT4 racing brakefluids but for maximum performance advantage,before filling, other types of fluid should be drainedform the brake system to avoid diluting the fluidcharacteristic. Brembo LCF 600 plus must not be usedin Brake Systems containing magnesium parts.


Brembo Bremsflüssigkeit LCF 600 Brochure / Technische Daten

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