brembo ccm-r, ccm-r, ccm r bremsscheiben, brembo bremsscheibenThe Brembo CCM-R disc is a product of many years experience accumulated by Brembo in the field of carbon brake materials used in F1, combined with the expertise acquired by the company in CCM applications for road use.
The main advantages of the Brembo CCM-R disc are:
- considerable saving in weight, compared to cast iron (̴ 5kg each wheel assembly);
- high thermal conductivity;
- durability and versatility characteristic of carbon ceramic material for road use (disc life 5 times longer);
- friction 10% better than cast iron (comparison made using the same pad compound);
- operating temperature 5% lower.
The new CCM-R takes its place alongside the existing CCM disc as a component intended for extreme applications, and is a product designed for use in conjunction with traditional organic or ceramic friction materials.
The Brembo CCM-R disc is designed to show its true colours in Endurance applications, and wherever the need is for a component able to disperse energy at a high rate, while guaranteeing exceptional durability and rock-steady performance.
Selected materials and original processes, researched and optimized to produce the Brembo CCM-R disc — and incorporating the newest technologies applied to carbon ceramic discs — have resulted in a product with superior engineering features.
In addition, the experience acquired in making carbon discs for F1, combined with use of the most innovative computational fluodynamic (CFD) modelling techniques, has led to the definition of a venting system for the Brembo CCM-R that ensures operating temperature will be controlled with maximum efficiency, under any dynamic condition.

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